Our Story

Anthony Family

I'm John Anthony, the aging man on the left. Next to me is my son Alex. My son Nickie is being held by my daughter Emily. My daughter Elizabeth is wearing the tie- dye “peace” shirt. My wife Stephenie is standing behind our daughter Abby and my Dad is on the far right. This our family in Florida.

Some say it takes a village to raise a kid. The village that raised me is West Boylston Massachusetts. It's a great little town in the geographic and cultural center of New England, and the nicest people in the world, including especially my family.

Unfortunately, you can only go to the beach for about four months a year up North, and I had a cold for about two months of every winter growing up. So I headed South to DC for seven years during college and law school and continued to experience the horrible winters. During my last year of school, the Winter of '86 delivered a storm that shut down DC for a week. That week I decided that I was moving to Florida. I left a life of slush, icy windshields, and chilly floors behind in 1987.

I don't get to the beach as often as I like, but the beautiful water of Florida is always right nearby. And for twenty-two years I've been going to the beach with my kids to collect shells, build castles, buy silly beach trinkets, and enjoy the water. I've had a lot of visitors from up North in the past twenty-eight years; my Dad came to visit and ended up staying!

Alex was nine years old when we got the first beach house, and he just graduated from Tulane. Emily was eight, and she's now at the University of Virginia. Lizzie was about five, and now she's at University of California Santa Cruz. My out-of-state kids don't come back as often as I'd like, but when they do, we like to visit the beach. And in the meantime, I’ve got Abby and Nickie, ages six and one, who are always up for a dinner at the Bubble Room or The Banana Cabana, a scenic golf cart tour of the island, or a little Putt-Putt Golf by the beach.

Choose from the four getaway destinations we offer. We are confident you will find the perfect destination for you; choose from a condo on the Gulf, a quaint cottage steps away from the beach, or two larger houses next to the beach that can handle big families like mine. So from my family to yours, I hope you can stay with us sometime, no matter where you have your own home. And I hope that you return home with happy memories like the ones I cherish today!

John Anthony - janthony@anthonybeachcottages.com